Production and sale of planed softwood products

We ship from 25 m3

Features of production

Sorting materials from scrap

Kiln drying of all products

Storage in transport packaging

We use high-quality Weinig and Mühlbock equipment

Benefits of working with us

Own production

Delivery within Russia and abroad

Work without intermediaries

Discount for volumes from 100m3

Our production

For the production of lumber, our company uses coniferous woods harvested in the Arkhangelsk region

Euro siding

A type of cladding board used mainly indoors. Standardized in Europe profile: thickness 12.5 mm, width 96 mm – overall, 88 mm – working

Planed board

The planed board has a smooth surface planed on four sides with a given size. If necessary, we can round the corners.

Imitation log

Planed board type lining, made in the form of a segment of a profiled bar

Wood shavings

Dry pressed pine/spruce wood shavings. Humidity 10-14%. Packaging in polyethylene. Volume in compressed form 0.1 cubic meters, in loose form 0.4 cubic meters

Block house

Planed board type lining, made in the form of a segment of rounded logs

Lining “shtil”

This type of lining is distinguished by the rounded corners of the parts. In some cases, a surface sheathed with details with soft transitions at the joints looks better than a classic lining.


Wood profile part for flooring. It is a milled board made of solid wood, which makes it able to withstand a greater number of cycles.

Furniture board, stair elements

Sheet wood material made from solid wood by gluing to each other along the length and width of wooden blocks

Our prices

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We ship from 25 m3

We make lumber according to your size

Large range of products in stock

Minimum production time of lumber is from 2 days

Discount for purchase volumes from 100m3

We will deliver all over Russian and abroad

We are ready to discuss individual working conditions with each client

We are focused on continuous cooperation with you!


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